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Common Darter Dragonfly sunning Robin sunning and singing Roesel's Bush Cricket sunning Orange-tip Butterfly sunning Peacock Butterfly sunning on tree stump Robin sunning Robin sunning and singing Robin sunning Meerkats and desert flowers Hoary Marmot Hoary Marmot Rufous Grasshopper Marmot lounging on grass Common Darter on mullein Small Skipper Four-spot Chaser Dragonfly Western Baboon Hedge Brown Butterfly Hoary Marmot Hoary Marmot Bare-throated Tiger-Heron Common Darter Dragonfly on poppy seed head Night heron Common Darter Dragonfly on mullein Large Skipper Butterfly Meadow Brown Butterfly Night heron White admiral Large skipper Bee Fly Speckled Wood Butterfly Large Skipper Butterfly Peacock White admiral Gatekeeper Roe Deer in misty pine forest O for the wings of a dove Silhouette cats leaping at a bat Giraffes at sunset Black cat eyes at sunset Black Cat eyes at sunset Coelurus leaping at pterosaur Leopard up a tree at sunset Lurchers at sunset Woodland with mist and sunbeams Pterosaurs at Lake Baringo Conifers, Whooper Swans and aurora at sunrise Whooper Swans at sunset Farm cat at sunset Dimetrodon at sunset Wolf howling at Sunset Brown Rat at sunset Sunbeams in rainforest 3D 1 R Mist and sunbeams in the New Forest Wolves at sunset Barn Owl silhouette at sunset The Sun-dance Kid Interesting Quiver Tree at sunrise Sunbeams and oak tree Zebras at sunset Red Deer at sunset Giraffs at sunset Geese across the sun Mist and sunbeams in the New Forest Lurchers at sunset Stegosaur at sunset 3D R Beech woodland with sunbeams Oryx and Quiver Trees at sunset Elephants and Namib sunrise Scots Pine with mist and sunbeams Sun on water Quelea flock at sunset Beech woodland with sunbeams 3D 2 R Wolf howling at Sunset Stag Beetles at sunset Leaf impressions in ice Whooper Swans on lake at sunset Sunbeams and oak tree Lurchers at sunset Goatsbeard seedhead at sunset Subalpine firs at sunrise Setting sun multiple exposure Cheetahs at sunset Elephant drinking at sunset Annular solar eclipse. Scotland, 31 May 2003 Oak tree with sunbeams Sunrise over lake in Finland Celandine following sun multiple exposure Solifugid Egrets on a dead tree at sunset Sunset over lake in Scotland Greenland Whitefronts taking off at dawn Pines and mist at sunrise Reflected conifers at sunrise Ockley Oak at sunset Barn Owl at sunset Kenya sunset Quiver Trees at sunset Beach trees with sunbeams Geese across the sun

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