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Bumblebee and spear thistle Green Veined White Butterfly on thistle Everlasting thistle European Swallowtail Butterfly on thistle Bumblebees and spear thistle Painted Lady Butterfly on Spear Thistle Painted Lady Butterfly on thistle flower Rose chafers on musk thistle Rose Chafers on Musk Thistle Hoverflies and spear thistle Brimstone on creeping thistle Large White on a thistle flower Clouded Yellow butterfly on thistle Painted Lady caterpillars on Spear Thistle Painted Lady caterpillar on Spear Thistle Brimstone Butterfly feeding on Marsh Thistle Little Flower Bee on Spear Thistle Speckled Bush Cricket on Carline Thistle Peacock Butterfly on marsh thistle Peacock butterfly on marsh thistle Brimstone Butterfly on marsh thistle Pyrenean Thistle (Carduus carlinoides) Meadow Brown taking off multiple exposure Hedge Brown taking off multiple exposure Ladybird take-off Roesel's Bush Cricket leaping Soldier beetle taking off Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Thistledown Soldier Beetle taking off Ladybird taking off Giant hoverfly British show pony filly Peacock Butterfly Scarce Swallowtail butterfly Thistledown Hairy-legged Mining Bee Peacock Butterfly Scarce Swallowtail butterfly Scarce Swallowtail butterfly Meadow Brown Thick-headed Fly Silver-washed Fritillary Painted Lady Butterfly Scarce Swallowtail butterfly Brown Argus butterfly Silver-washed Fritillary Silver-washed fitillary Silver-washed fitillary Peacock Large white Brown Argus Butterfly Brown Argus Butterfly Silver-washed fritillary female Honey Bee and Migrant Hoverfly Brimstone Large White Butterfly Large White taking off multiple exposure Ladybird triple image Spittle Bug with Cuckoo Spit Cuckoo spit with Spittle Bug Painted Lady butterfly Praying Mantis Long-tailed Blue Butterfly Carpenter bee Painted Lady butterfly

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