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Trinidad cicada Trinidad house gecko recently hatched Trinidad scorpion Trinidad cicada Katydid portrait, Trinidad Trinidad fruit bat Trinidad fruit bat Trinidad house gecko, immature Tropical rain forest, Trinidad Mark at We Reach, Trinidad Insectivorous bats in flight Copper-rumped Hummingbird Black skipper Leaf-cutting ants Insectivorous bats in flight Tropical weevil Wild orchid Praying mantis portrait Nasute termites Black skipper White-necked Jacobin perched Bats roosting in the limestone caves at Tamana Leaf-cutting ants Carpenter bee Tide channel through mangrove swamp Bats roosting in the limestone caves at Tamana Bats roosting in the limestone caves at Tamana Cockroaches on the floor of a bat roosting cave Leatherback Turtle tracks Insectivorous bats in flight Insectivorous bats in flight Bats roosting in the limestone caves at Tamana Standing waves Sweat bee nest Leaf-cutter ants parade Black-chested Mango Hummingbird Katydid Mantis Rufous-breasted Hermit Green mantis Nasute termites Mantis Orb-web Spider Orinoco outflow Jane, Mark and Hazel at We Reach, Trinidad, 1968

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