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O for the wings of a dove Painted Lady hatch - wings open Painted Lady hatch - wings expand Painted Lady hatch - wings dry Embden x Greylag Gosling flapping its little wings Anhinga drying wings Anhinga drying its wings Black-and-yellow chick flapping its wings Barn Owl with wings spead Barn Owl with wings spead Marbled White wings spread Brimstone Butterfly expanding wings after hatching from pupa Giant Robber Fly cleaning wings Brimstone Butterfly wings almost fully expanded Brimstone Butterfly expanding wings after hatching from pupa Forest Shieldbug exercising wings Comma Butterfly expanding wings after hatching from pupa Blue tit flying, wings spread Red Admiral butterfly Rose Chafers in flight Juvenile Olivaceous Cormorant Inca Tern Red Admiral hatch - emerging Southern Hawker Dragonfly in flight Cockchafer Beetle taking off Oak Marble Gall wasp Namib lubber grasshopper Red Admiral butterfly Cockchafer Beetle Baby Tawny Owl White-necked Cormorant Oak Eggar Tree Wasp wing hooks Stable Fly African Darter Spotted Flycatcher Silver Y Moth warming up Pterosaurs at Lake Baringo Green-winged Macaw Mallard wing whirring Four-winged Flying Fish Green-winged Macaw in flight Green-winged Macaws flying Swallow drinking Kookaburra series of growing up Fairy Wren and wing mirror Green-winged Macaw in flight Raindrops on a pigeon wing feather on agate pebbles Short-winged Conehead leaping Dragonflies on Gambia River Swallow drinking Swallow drinking Green-winged Macaw Clear Wing Moth on bark Morpho Butterfly wing scales Driver ant male Kookaburra growing up (series 2) Blue winged Damsel fly Pheasant crowing Green-winged Macaw Green-winged Macaw Kookaburra chicks Red-winged blackbird Chocolate Muscovy Duck, wing whirring Tawny owlet White duck, wing whirring White duck, wing whirring on green background Green-winged Macaw in flight Indian Runner Duck, flapping European Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo) Green-winged Macaws preening each other Green-winged Macaw Indian Runner Duck, flapping Green-winged Macaws preening Indian Runner Duck, flapping Stripe-winged grasshopper stridulating Red-winged grasshopper Green-winged Macaws mating Green-winged Macaw preening Flea on the wing of a bat Swallow drinking Mayflies at sunset Two yellow chicks under wing of mother hen Black Ants with pupae Green-winged Macaw Call Duck drake, wing-whirring Green-winged Macaws mating Green-winged Macaws mating Green-winged Macaws mating Andean Flamingos, Laguna Colorada, Bolivia Green-winged Macaw Frigate Bird wing bones Long-winged Conehead Cricket Green-winged Macaw Green-winged Macaw Green-winged Macaw Winged aphid giving birth Green Lacewing (Chrysoperla carnea) taking off Green Lacewing (Chrysoperla carnea) taking off Rose Aphid giving birth

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