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Carder Bee and deadnettle Woodlice under bark Blue damselfly in flight Dormouse hibernating Toad gulping Toad Grasshopper leaping Caribbean Land Crab Toad eating an earwig Wasps on ivy Wasp on figwort Globularia Poppy field Darter dragonfly in flight Earwig Lurcher dog and frog Genet in thorn tree Tiger beetle Woodlice under bark Hermit Crab Spotted Flycatcher Bumblebee in toadflax Juvenile Wren Tadpoles swimming from spawn Speedwell flowers Golden tadpoles Dragonfly on unripe blackberries Barking Gecko Bumblebee Blue Damselflies Tadpoles feeding on dead fish Tadpoles feeding on dead fish Newly hatched tadpoles Tadpoles showing gills Housefly feeding on an iced cake Earwig female guarding eggs Barking Gecko Baby Toads Sea slugs egg-laying Golden froglet Barking Gecko Tadpoles swimming from spawn Bubble in frogspawn Cuttlefish eggs Juvenile Wren Small ground beetle Emerald Damselfly Queen wasp hibernating Salt crystals Earwig L63 11 shots auto Tadpoles on frog spawn Hermit Crab Cuttlefish embryo Baby Cuttlefish Baby Cuttlefish Basilisk Toad on a lily pad Baby Cuttlefish Basilisk Asphodel Frog spawn Hydroid or Sea-fir Toad walking Toad walking Tadpoles developing in spawn Tadpoles feeding on dead fish Tadpoles feeding on dead fish Tadpole sprouting legs Toad spawn earwig with eggs Queen wasp hibernating

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