Warren Photographic Image Library of Animals in Action
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  Image Display Style
View images research style Research Style - Images open with details for further image searches and the option to add them to a personal lightbox. Click on the plus sign to add to the current lightbox.
View images slideshow style Slideshow Style - Images open in a full-screen slide show. Each image can be viewed in turn with the left and right arrow keeps or by swiping on a mobile device. Click or touch on the image to make the screen controls appear or disappear. Swipe down to leave the slide show.
View images pop-out style Pop Out Style - Images open in pop out panels that can be moved around. More than one can be opened at a time and each image can be viewed in turn by pressing the left or right arrow keys. Click on each image again to close it. Click on the image number to see more details, or the plus sign to add to the current lightbox.
Click on images to add or remove from lightbox Lightbox Style - Images are added to or removed from the lightbox with a single click.

  Order in which Images are Displayed in subject Categories and Search Results
  Content    (Single subjects on white → Multiple subjects)
  Image Width    (Widest → Narrowest)
  Date of Photo    (Newest → Oldest)
  Popularity    (Most → Least)
  Reverse order

Number of Images per Page Background Colour Scheme
   25     50     100     200        Pale    Dark    Grey    Green    Blue    Red

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