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Cats & Kittens 4

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Dogs & Puppies

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Pets & Domestic Animals

Ginger cat leaping at Wood Pigeon Black-and-white kitten, 11 weeks old, standing Siamese x Ragdoll kitten, 7 weeks old, stretching Ginger cat pouncing at a frog Ginger kitten with raised paw Two Siamese x Ragdoll kittens, 7 weeks old, close faces Kitten & owl looking through broken window Fluffy silver tabby kitten Siamese x Ragdoll kitten, 7 weeks old, leaping across Brown Tabby-and-white kitten Hay-cart Capers jigsaw Spirit of the cat - Tiger Siamese x Ragdoll kitten, 7 weeks old Tiger Tiger jigsaw Cute tabby kitten rubbing against Ruby Cavalier Spaniel Siamese x Ragdoll kitten, 7 weeks old, playfully grasping Funny kitten batting another's tail Two King Charles puppies & a kitten Spirit of the cat - White Tiger Springer Spaniel pup and Snowshoe kitten Wild Cat swiping at a Coal Tit Tabby cat running Siamese-cross kittens leaping and playing Black Cat eyes at sunset Spaniel pups & kitten licking Siamese cat bounding multiple image Tortoiseshell Rex cat by the sea Bushy-tailed kitten multiple image Siamese cat playfully tormenting an Adder Playful kitten and Grey Squirrel Silver tabby cat grasping at Great Tit Silver tabby cat stalking Kitten in a Santa hat Black-and-white cats in the garden jigsaw Silver cat in dominance display Black-and-white Border Collie and ginger kitten Grasping Cat Korat mother cat playing Tabby kittens walking in together Cute tabby kitten with Daxiedoodle pup Golden Retriever with kittens in a basket Kitten in a dog bowl Two Spaniel pups & a Snowshoe kitten Golden Cocker Spaniel kissing a kitten Barn cats fighting Kitten in play-bow Cats mating Silver tabby cat growing up sequence stages Animal line-up Ragdoll-cross kitten, 8 weeks old, looking over shoulder Tortie Persian-cross kitten, 7 weeks old Tortie Persian-cross kitten, 7 weeks old Witch's cat with pumpkins Blue tabby kitten and sleeping yellow Goldador pup Cute tabby kitten rubbing against Ruby Cavalier Spaniel Little girl with mouse toy and kitten Ginger-and-white tom-cat, spraying Cream spotted British shorthair cat Cat spraying Kitten standing over lying puppy Barking Gecko & Cat Six Colourpoint kittens in a group Retriever with kittens in a basket Persian-x-Ragdoll kitten, 7 weeks old Pale ginger kitten with pink primroses Tabby kittens with big eyes, walking together Black-and-white kitten,  weeks old, walking on blue background Cat, snarling at another Tabby kitten, leaping and pouncing on a ball Ragdoll-cross kitten, 8 weeks old, walking on blue background Ginger kitten Black-and-white kitten, 8 weeks old, sitting on blue background Black-and-white kitten, 8 weeks old, sitting on grey background Tabby kitten Tabby kitten and Black-and-white Border Collie pup Persian-x-Ragdoll sitting on grey background Kittens with Christmas baubles Ginger Cat bounding long exposure Cat looking at round mirror Bengal kitten walking Milk Churn Misbehaviour Silver kitten and snail Mother cat licking a ginger kitten Siamese cat bounding triple image Kittens with blue wool Ginger cat licking a kitten Cats mating Cute tabby kitten with yellow gosling Tabby kitten with big eyes, 6 weeks old, looking startled Kitten startled by large stag beetle Kitten with tongue out in a bowl Two Corgi puppies and a kitten Red tricolour Border Collie and kittens Ragdoll-cross kitten, 8 weeks old, with raised paw Ragdoll-cross kitten, 8 weeks old Blue-point Birman-cross kitten dozing with fluffy bunny Silver tabby fluffy cat walking with tail erect Ragdoll-cross kitten, 8 weeks old, with raised paw Ragdoll-cross kitten, 8 weeks old Characterful smoke Black-and-white kitten
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