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Dogs & Puppies - Dogs & People 1

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More than one Dog

More than one Dog

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Dog families

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Dogs & Cats

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Dogs & Rabbits

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Dogs & unusual animals

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Little dogs

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Cute dogs

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Cats & Kittens

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Pets & Domestic Animals

Vet examining spaniel Girl tobogganing with a dog Little girl with hippo walker and pets Boy and Weimaraner pups Baby with Dalmatian father and pup Man training Alsatian puppy Boy greeting little brown puppy Girl training black-and-white Border Collie puppy Baby riding Dalmatian in play-bow Baby and Retriever with toys Little girl pushing puppy in toy pram Girl with Alsatian puppy Puppy barking at girl with skipping rope Man and dog watching a boat at Whitenothe Little girl kissing a puppy Baby riding a Dalmatian Girl with dog leaping for a chew Border Collie eating from boy's hand Girl and puppy playing tug-o-war Little girl pushing puppy in toy pram Boy playing football with Border Collie Baby riding retriever with toys in a basket Little girl on walker toy being pushed by dog Baby riding a Retriever with pups Girl with Border Collie Alsatian puppy, walking Boy and puppy with a ball Girl walking with puppy Woman clicker-training Golden Retriever Boy on a tractor with dog and pups running Toddler with little puppy Vaccinating Spaniel pup Baby girl riding a Dalmatian Girl with Retriever pup Boy with Basset Hound Children with Border Collies Alsatian with boy and bike Boy playing with brown dog Girl and puppy Girl with Golden Retriever pup Border Collie puppy taking titbit Girl out running with her dog Boy playing with dog Child and Border Collie puppy Family with Cockapoo pups, 7 weeks old Red Cavapoo pup straining at the leash Dog chasing a runner Boy feeding Alsatian puppy Girl with Golden Retriever pups baby girl with Dalmatian father and pup Dog and boy with their tongues out Girl playing with a puppy Boy playing tug-o-war with a dog Woman sledging with dogs Boy playing football with a puppy Children Choosing a puppy Girl with Golden Retriever and puppies Osteopath working on greyhound Boy and Dog sledging Girl and Saluki Lurcher as puppy and full-grown Dog agility Golden Retriever Boy and Weimaraner pup Examining the eye of a Border Collie pup Chiropractor working on lurcher Boy with Brittany Spaniel pup Baby girl riding a Dalmatian Girl and puppy playing tug-o-war Boy and dog Girl and Westie pup Man training Alsatian puppy Girl with dancing dog Vet examining a dog held by its owner Girl with Golden Retriever pups Toddler and terrier with fluffy toy Girl with Golden Retriever pup Border Collie stalking child with toy Woman disparing at disobedient dog Girl With a Golden Cocker Spaniel puppy Boy with titbit for a Border Collie Child and Dalmatian puppy Vet listening to the heart of a spaniel pup Toddler with little brown puppy Boy and dog on a rock Retriever snapping at hand Vet vaccinating a dog Boy with bike and Alsatian Toddler on toy horse Siena on Pipa's nose 01 Child being licked by a puppy Little girl with Golden Retriever pups Vaccinating Labrador pup Girl with Westie pup Vet examining a dog's eye with an ophthalmoscope Toddler playing with terrier Woman exasperated at disobedient dog Puppy greeting new owner Girl stroking a puppy Girl with Border Collie pup Girls with Golden Retriever pups Boy sledging with a dog
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