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Adult dogs

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Pets & Domestic Animals

Elderly Bichon, 15 years old, sitting and looking up Elderly Bichon, 17 years old, sitting and looking up Elderly Bichons, sitting on pink background Basset with ears up Ghostly Alsatian Spaniel barking Dog jumping multiple image Border Collie dog snarling Lurchers at sunset Portrait of Yellow Labrador Retriever dog Spaniel looking round Food-guarding dog Dogs arguing Sable Rough Collie dog, sitting Lurcher bullying a Border Collie Fawn Pug dog, in play-bow attitude Black and white Dalmatian Zebra Dalmatian Terrier-cross scooting Apricot Pug bitch looking up Corgi Springer Spaniel with chin on ground Patterdale x Jack Russell Terrier Dog running in buttercup meadow English Springer Spaniel with paw up Dogs tied during mating Yorkipoo dog with tongue out Golden Cocker Spaniel dog Three different Labradors Chug (Pug x Chihuahua) bitch in play-bow Dogs chasing through the New Forest Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dogs mating Border Collie jumping fence Border Collie chasing her tail Border Collie jumping multiple exposure French Bulldog lying with chin on the floor French Bulldog sitting looking up Border Collie dog among bluebells Golden Retriever Alsatian Golden Cocker Spaniel Yellow Labrador scratching its neck Blue Merle Collie on green Fawn Pug dog, lying with his head up Border Collie bitch chasing a Frisbee Yorkipoo dog running Red Merle Mini American Shepherd Shih-tzu bitch Sable Border Collie bitch Border Collies arguing Dalmatian bitch in play-bow Retrievers on Thursley Common English Cocker Spaniel with red toy Poodle Dog pulling another dog's tail Warren House dog pack confronts a stranger Border Collie bitch on break-water Dogs mating in the snow Black Labradoodle dog (retridoodle, poover) Staffie Border Collies mating Dog on a pebbly beach Miniature Dachshund running Westie lying on her back Border Collies paddling Husky dog Lakeland Terrier x Border Collie bitch Dalmatian dog with one black ear Border Collie dog English Springer Spaniel Dogs playing in buttercup meadow Dachshund sitting looking up Yorkipoo dog Papillon x Jack Russell dog French Bulldog sitting Boxer with its chin on the ground Dogs playing with a ball on a beach Long-haired Weimaraner dog in play-bow stance Playful Golden Cocker Spaniel Blue Merle Border Collie bitch Black-and-tan miniature Dachshund sitting Jack Russell in play bow Red Toy Poodle Yorkshire Terrier Orange Cocker Spaniel looking up Husky dog Bichon Frises Border Collie dog snarling Alsatian Alsatian with his chin on the floor Yorkipoo dog Golden Cocker Spaniel dog turning on the spot Dog play-bowing on a pebbly beach Dog urinating Dogs greeting nose-to-nose Black Labradoodle dog (retridoodle, poover) Greyhound running Dog going for a ball multiple image Bernese Mountain Dog bitch, 10 months old Collie, Spaniel and cross-breed offspring
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